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  • Requirements
    Our minimum age requirement to skipper (drive) our jetski's is 20 years old, however any age group can enjoy the fun as a passenger, though for safety, no passenger shall be younger than 12 years old Maximum of 2 persons for 1 x Jet Ski with a overall maximum weight of 200kg Life jackets must be worn at all times by anyone that is on the jetski No rider shall be intoxicated
  • Can you ride in all weather condtions?
    For safety reasons, the answer in NO. If its raining, sure, we can ride, but its not as enjoyable. But when the wind comes up, it makes the outer ocean very ruff and unpredictable. If its very windy (over 15knots) we will only do our shorter Erakor Lagoon rides and snorkel. You will still have fun and get to see some amazing fish life
  • What if i haven't riden a Jetski before?
    If this is your first time on a jet ski, you will be given an induction period of training until you and we feel you are comfortable to drive the jet ski yourself. (This is not part of your hire period, but we ask that you arrive early to get set up)
  • Do i have to be fit ?
    A reasonable level of fitness is required, as some conditions can be physically demanding
  • What should I bring with me?
    Sunscreen Water Beach shoes or jandels/thongs for the beach There is a storage box should you wish to bring a small bag, cell phone or camera You can stay reletivly dry sometimes, but we recommend you bring a towel
  • What payment do you accept?
    We can only accept cash and this is to be paid on arrival We accept Vatu, AUS or NZD
  • T & C
    Advertised rates are subject to change, so please check current rates when booking. An insurance bond of NZD$1000 per jet ski and a completed waver form before riding All bookings are subject to availability, suitable weather and marine conditions Vanuatu Watersports, takes no respectability for any damage or loss to personal effects while out on the water. Even though we take all safety precortions, riding a jetski can be dangerous and you do so at your risk.

Useful information about Vanuatu

Catching the bus

We don’t have daily bus routine in Vanuatu, buses often pass by 3 to 5 minutes where as there are lots of buses. To catch a bus, look for any of the numerous bus stops along the main streets in Port Vila and Luganville and flag one down. There are not many bus stop signs in the rural outskirts, so you're free to just flag them down on any side of the road. You cannot get lost or miss a bus to where you are going and that is one thing that is really super good about Vanuatu. Bus fare is 150vt per person and for long distance can cost 200vt to 500vt. Taxi fares are charged according to distance.

Bus stops

In port Vila there are signs along the road side that verify you with a bus stop sign and also some of the main places in port Vila such us market house, chew store, chines club where you can find or see people standing to flag down the bus or stop the bus.
Privately owned mini buses are the most common form of transport in Port Vila and run unspecified routes through municipal areas
Bus fares within the greater Port Vila area are 150 VT per trip, and start from 200 VT to villages or areas outside of town, and exact change in most cases is required, for payment.

B&T number plates,

Privately owned mini buses are the most common form of transport in Port Vila and run unspecified routes through municipal areas. Public mini buses have a red ‘B’ on their number plate. Buses also run in Loganville and northeast Malekula, and on Tanna Island.
Most islands have taxis, which are marked by a red ‘T’ on their number plate and are usually 4WD open utilities

Vanuatu Weather & Climate

Vanuatu has a wonderful sub-tropical climate that means almost endless sunshine year round. Enjoying mild temperatures and clear blue skies for most of the year, Vanuatu weather is great all year round. In fact, there’s no bad time to visit Vanuatu, however some months are better than others.
Summer is from November to March, the average temperature is 28°C and it can be hot, wet and humid. Winter is from April to September with the temperature averaging 23°C. Sea temperature varies from 22 to 28 degrees making swimming enjoyable all year round.
The warmer months from December to April are also the wettest with good rain in every month. Vanuatu can average anywhere from 2 metres of rainfall annually to 4 metres on the northern islands.
The summer months are part of the tropical cyclone season. The majority of resorts are located in the southern part of Vanuatu where it is less humid, there is less rain and there is less chance of extreme climate conditions.

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